Known as a progressive city, Hanoi is now possessing from basic to world-class ranked hotels, good restaurants with top diverse cuisines and the best multi-lingual tour guiding team in Southeast Asia. Despite the rapid growth of modernization, the old charm of a thousand-year town is still well-maintained and harmonized with latter-day buildings and sparkling arcades. Most of visitors in Hanoi will prefer, though, to stay in the complicated Old Quarter in order to walk over its exciting guilds-streets, to taste its incredibly delicious traditional foods and to stroll around long poetic roads or lakes.

Thanks to the advances in geography, which was enfolded by mountains and river flows. Hanoi is not only a town to savor but the best departure in Vietnam for further discoveries. More and more people take Hanoi as a ‘’hub’’ for multiple diversified day tours and perhaps more innumerable than any cities of Indochina. In conjunction with Indochinese countries, the city is also remarked for low-cost airfare to Laos and Myanmar, even during the high season. More LCCs are considering Hanoi Airport as an ideal inter- connection, which makes the tourism in the upcoming years soar undoubtedl

Food & Drink

Hanoi, the thousand –year-old city is the convergence point of numerous cultures of Vietnam, which can't forget to mention food. Along with the influence, intercourse cuisine of different regions, there are many delicious dishes for guests to choose when visiting Hanoi. However, in order to remember about Hanoi with attractive and delicate gifts, it is not difficult to name those folk dishes below.

Travel Guide

A city trip to Hanoi allows you to experience luscious food, unique art performances and some of Southeast Asia's most fascinating sights. Thanks to the rich cultural heritage and turbulent history of this vibrant city, which alone has 2.6 million inhabitants in its center, there are many interesting attractions to visit and activities to do.


Our pick: 2-days exploring Hanoi old quarter, then taking two or three-day trip to Halong Bay for sea cruising, and one or two-day discovery of Ninh Binh karst and water land with bamboo rowing boat

Hub for overland

Departure for venturing into mountains, countryside and coastal areas.

Culture visits

Best cultural tours, inclusive of the best museums, most ancient temples, and city lakes for hang-around.


Night life at the Old Quarter with bars, pubs, on-street shows, contemplation of daily traditional My village and Water puppetry shows .

MICE and Theme tours

First class services for MICE. Departure for theme tours, educational tours, charity and meditation tours.