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Vietnam holidays

What to do: Visit Cherry Blossom Season in Loc An

Once visited Loc An Beach, you will not be able to take your eyes off the beautiful seashore and the biodiversity of the primeval mangrove forest.

Loc An is a commune belonging to Dat Do District, situated 50km from Vung Tau city. The scenic landscape from Highway 51B through Long Hai town to Loc An is an interesting experience not to be missed. You will have the chance to watch the captivating beauty of the cherry trees, what seemed to appear only in Japan.

On the occasion of Christmas, the cherry blossoms are spilling out of the road with a riot of color from white, yellow, blue to purple. There’s nothing better than surfing on the beautiful coastal roads of Long Hai, with the sea on one side and the cherry blossom forest on the other side; and feeling the fresh wind stroking through your face.


Loc An Beach Resort


After getting through that romantic route, you will reach Loc An - one of the most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau. The sea here is outstanding because the pure velvet water embracing the white sand shore.

In order to get there, you should use a canoe or fishing basket to sail through a large lake. This special kind of transportation is a memento of Vietnam holidays that many visitors cannot forget.



The most impressive thing when visiting Loc An is the Bun Bich - Dong Dien sand dunes - also known as Trang Vua, where possesses the same magical beauty as Mui Ne or Hon Rom sand dunes. Underneath the dunes lie the smooth yellow seashore and the blue water streams. Loc An has a small sandy island like a pretty isle. From this point, visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of sunrise and sunset over the sea.


Loc An Beach Resort


Loc An is also a great spot for group travel. You only need to rent campsites at the coastal sands with affordable prices from $15 to $25 per person. Take along the tents to set up the camp and you will have a funny team building night with special sea style.  

You can also easily buy the fresh seafood with reasonable prices from the fishermen to make a barbecue party at the seashore. And don’t forget to try the local wine served with fish soup - a specialty that only available in Loc An.

Coming to An Loc estuary, you also have the opportunity to visit the Ho Chi Minh trail at sea. This place used to be a major transportation route connecting the North and Southeast Vietnam. Around Loc An, there are also many attractive sights such as Ho Tram, Ho Coc, Minh Dam Mountains, hot springs, Ben Cat - Ray River...

With the dramatically rise of high-end hotels, maybe Loc An will soon be crowded like other tourism sites. Thus, if you love the natural and unspoilt beauty, just pack your things and head to Loc An to enjoy a peaceful day on this shining land.

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