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Vietnam vacation: Visit the beautiful ink painting on Vinh Hy Bay

Vietnam vacation will be even more perfect when you treat yourselves with a right package. And why don't you take a look at Vinh Hy Bay - a gorgeous seaside in the wilderness of Ninh Thuan?

Starting from the city of Phan Rang, getting through Tri Thuy bridge, along the provincial road 702 about 42 km to the northeast of Ninh Thuan, gliding through the winding road embracing the sea, with bluish water on one side and the green meadows and white salt fields on the other side. Vinh Hy Bay appears as beautiful as an old ink painting, which can surprise every traveler enjoying their Vietnam vacation.

Another route leading to Vinh Hy is getting from MyThanh Bridge, Cam Ranh , Khanh Hoa along the Freshwater road , with two sides having many romantic hills, yellow sandy beaches and the big blue sky high above.

vietnam vacation

Vinh Hy Bay is the ideal destination for tourists interested in exploring the unspoiled natural surroundings in Vietnam vacation. Three sides are green hills interspersed with peculiar limestone surrounded Vinh Hy.

In the early morning, visitors can comfortably takea bath or enjoy the cool breeze, or take a short walk on barefoot to feel the soft sand. If possible, take along a cup of coffee and choose a flat rock to admire the glorious sunrise over the hazy beach.



If you choose Vinh Hy for your Vietnam vacation, you can enjoy one special thing: a coral watchingtour on a glass-bottom boat. Here corals grows like a forest, creates a colorful wall which can be up to 5 or 6 meter height, and can be easily seen through the blue water. Visitors can also dive in the shallows to
really touch the gorgeous coral reefs.

After the tour, just have yourselves a perfect foodretreat with a variety of seafood. The price is very reasonable. Enjoying a seafood party with many different kinds of snails will be a memorable memento of your Vietnam vacation.

vietnam vacation

After lunch, visitors can take a walk about 15 minutes to reach the suspension bridge over the national park Nui Chua. Here visitors can enjoy the fresh air of the mountainous area, or take a dip in the cool Lo O Stream from the nderground circuit from the top of the mountain. In clear cloud days, the sun is
refracted by tiny bubbles, creating colorful rainbow.

In the afternoon, you can soak your soul on a floating ship getting far off the shore to Ba Dien beach, where you can enjoy swimming or rock climbing. Arrival Tron beach, you will be given colorful cornerstones as a souvenir by the local people, very funny.

One other fascinating thing is discovering the coastal fishing villages to learn about the simple lifeof the inhabitants: try feeding lobsters, buy some fresh seafood at cheap prices without bargaining.

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