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Vietnam Holidays

Vietnam holidays

Vietnam travel ideas: Four highlight winter destinations

There are some Vietnam travel ideas forpeople from all over the world who have a chance to travel Vietnam in winter. 


Vietnam travel ideas

1. Sapa

At any time during the year, Sapa is always beautiful and romantic. That beauty and charm of the peaceful highland towns shied in the clouds, fog makes people wash away any tiredness andanxiety. That's also the reason why Sapa is called "Heaven Resort" Located in a high position than the sea level, Sapa is cold all the year but especially in the winter, the degree could become negative. With that cold, not many visitors choose to Sapa is the travel destination this time. However, in the opposite way, with the cold, we can watch the tape flap on the grass in the early morning. Further, there are less tourists come here in this season, you will feel the life there with its inherent rhythm.



2. Tam Dao (Three mountains)

Vietnam travel ideas

One of the other Vietnam travel ideas is Tam Dao. In other seasons of the year, Tam Dao charms people with the beauty of three wilderness, majestic mountains looming in the clouds every morningand afternoon, but in the winter, it beauty become poetic and fanciful withclouds fondle every footsteps of visitors. If you come here in winter, do not hesitate to make a small mountains conquest to feel the joy of no sweating climbing or pose blurry images in the fog and cloud. A small note for mountaineering trip that you should not cover many coats, gloves or hats... because just a few moment later, all those heat insulation things will become the burden of your journey.


3. Yen Tu

Yen Tumountain goes into people's hearts by wonderful myths and legends and this place which keeps a lot of historical monuments is known as "Vietnam ancestral Buddhist land". There are two ways for you to conquer the peak, the first way is to follow thousands of stone steps and mountain road for 6 hours (about 6000m), another one isboth trek and use the cable system to the heaven gate (2 times). Each way has its different joy, experience but all of them are to conquering the peak. When you visit Yen Tu in the winter, you will have a chance to experience the beauty of the mountains hidden in the clouds, you are also mesmerized by the beautiful, the cold of pine forest on the mountain road.


4. Mai Chau

Vietnam travel ideas

Mai Chau highlandis also one of the Vietnam travel ideas. Mai Chau in the winter is so beautiful with the sparkling icy stretch of road, the colorful wildflowers, thecows grazing leisurely on the immense prairie. The cold winter here is also different in the smile, shining eyes, the arms and lively spreading dances. Moreover, this plateau also has a series of other tourist services for you to experience like explore HoaBinhhydropower, conquer the Bat cave... If you have more time, do not forget to visit ThungNai, discoverDa Bac cave (Silver stone cave) and dip in hot springs Kim Boi. If you could visit Vietnam in the winter, do not miss the chance to discover our four Vietnam travel ideas.

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