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Vietnam motorbike tours: Explore the majestic beauty of Vietnam & Laos

Vietnam motorcycle tours are new adventurous activities attracted a lot of travelers recently, since the famous Ho Chi Minh trail was upgraded, connecting the Northern and the Southern lands. This is also the proper and exotic route to explore Laos - the neighbor country.

Ho Chi Minh trail has many spectacular types of scenery. Truong Son Tay, stretching northwards along 253km from Khe Sanh to the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, including a large area - formerly the secret airstrip in the jungle for the MIGs during the war, is really very beautiful. It is listed among the favorite list of many adventurers taking Vietnam motorbike tours.

vietnam motorbike tours

In Vietnam, Ha Giang is the final frontier for enthusiasts to explore with Vietnam motorcycle tours in Indochina. Ha Giang, the north pole of Vietnam, with many high rugged mountains, creates an endless succession, together with the valleys, rivers and the peaceful villages of the colorful hill-tribe ethnic minorities. The most impressive route is the section from Dong Van to Meo Vac, and through Ma Pi Leng Pass.The name of the pass means "the nose of the horse", connectingMeo Vac and Dong Van, which are the two most remote communes of Ha Giang province. The pass is about 20km long, protruding between the rocky layers. The majestic smoky mountains blend into the bluish horizon. Far down below is the Nho Que River, which is as gentle as a flimsy scarf. Taking Vietnam motorbike tours on this route offers an adventurous feeling and many breathtaking moments, so remember to keep an eye on the right track and don’t let the scenery leave you too high.



However, if you want to go to the remote areas in Ha Giang, you will have to get official permission from the authorities. If you are still determined to go exploring without a license and accidentally encounter with border guards on patrol, you will become the unwilling guests of the local police agencies.

vietnam motorcycle tours

On the other hand, if you love thecoast landscape, just ride along Highway 1. When going through some major cities, there may be congestion, but in other remote & sparsely populated areas,the beaches will light you up with the long stretched white sand, the glorious sunshine and the blue velvet sea. When reaching Hai Van Pass, try riding on your motorbike through the wind. Indeed, from the South to the North, there’s no place with beautiful & magical scenery as in Hai Van.

The most common type of vehicles used in Vietnam motorcycle tours, especially suitable for mountainous terrain& adventure travel is Minsk.Additionally, Vespa and Honda Cub are also used. Along the way, visitors can actively stop at any place and enjoy regional specialties.

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