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Vietnam holiday packages with Pleiku speciaties list

Your Vietnam holiday packages to Pleiku could not be without Pleiku speciaties list. Located on Gia Lai - Kon Tum plateau, tourists usually called Pleiku city by the intimate name 'mountain town Pleiku '. There are not many destinations like Da Lat, or cultural identities as Buon Ma Thuot, Pleiku attracts tourists by the wild beauty, fresh air and friendliness with the very rich and unique culinary.

Vietnam holiday packages grilled lui

Pleiku has been known as the land of delicious teas - Bien Ho, Bau Can tea. If you have visited Pleiku during the rainy season, you will have a chance to taste the corn at fields. Xa Ro corn type, brown or white, sold around the malls and fields with the very cheap price.

Moreover, you could not leave without taste these specialties of Pleiku:


1. Grilled beef tubes - specialty of mountain town Pleiku

Grilled beef bamboo tube (the Jrai called Nham Ding) is simple to cook but it is also very unique with the special tasty. The main ingredient of the dish is the beef, which was cooked by frying, but it does not have the smell of smoke but the sweet smell of beef and charming aroma of the forest vegetables.
When cooking, they often choose the heifers, with tender meat, which is free pasture in fields. Beef is washed and cut into slices then mixed with spices for about 30 minutes before grilled. To grill this dish, they also choose the fresh young bamboo. Bamboo tube is washed with spring water then put the beef inside, sealed by pineapple leaves and placed in coal stove and grilled.
When the bamboo tubes sticks turns gold, the aroma spreads that’s mean it is ready for you to enjoy.


2. Dried Pho

This is the most famous dish in the mountain town Pleiku that you could not forget in the Vietnam holiday packages, you can enjoy this dish at street or luxury restaurants. Dry Pho also known as “pho two bowls”, including a bowl of pho and a bowl of soup.

Vietnam holiday packages dried pho

Pho is blanched with some bean sprouts, onion and minced lean pork coating all over. The soup is put in the different bowl and you can eat with beef or chicken. Especially, the soup was made not too salty or too flat, so when ate with pho you will feel a very delicious taste. Moreover, pho is mixed with chili sauce, dark soy... and served with salad vegetables, celery, blanched bean sprouts...


4. Golden ants salt

This dish is simple but very popular with young people in the mountain town Pleiku. Lui is the local word that people use by the processing way to name the dish. Grilled Lui is the rice paper covering a little mixture of minced meat, mushrooms and grilled by a small bamboo plant over the charcoal fire.


3. Grilled Lui of mountain town

Golden ants salt are considered a great afternoon of Gia Lai people at Ayun Pa area, Krong Pa. To make this amazing salt, they have to go into the woods to caught golden ants. This shining golden ant with plump belly is only available in the deep jungle.

Vietnam holiday packages golden ants salt

Ants are briefly roasted and then pounded with the forest peppers and some forest leaves. Golden ants have salty taste and their bellies are filled with sour solution like salt with lemon. However, golden ants could not be perfect without adding salt.
Let’s start the trip and do not forget the Pleiku speciaties list of your Vietnam holiday packages.

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