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Vietnam and Cambodia tours: Siem Reap - A New Attractive Destination


Vietnam and Cambodia tours are a popular choice when it comes to Indochina trip. And if Phnom Penh - the current capital of Cambodia - has been familiar to touristswith Nagaworld casinos, the ancient capital Siem Reap brings to visitors a charming mystery of one of the most glorious civilizations - “where stay the relics ofthe Royal Khmer and the image of the Kingdom of Cambodia in present as well as in the future.”

As the country is located near the equator,the best time to take a combination of Vietnam and Cambodia tours is from November to April. At this time, the weather is usually cool with light wind in the morning and evening, which is very convenient for visitors to experience the mystical beauty of Angkor.

Vietnam and Cambodia tours

Angkor Wat means ”the capital of temples”,built by King Suryavarman II in the mid 12th century, dedicated to the worship of the Hindu god Vishnu. The main temple is divided into 3 levels: hell, heaven and earth, including 398 rooms with stone carvings on the ceiling, railing, etc.; reliefs throughout the hallway; and especially 1,700 statues of Aspara dancers in totally different facial expressions and posture.



Ta Prohm Temple is the most romantic temple located in the Angkor complex with the image of“faithful tree”with twisted roots deep into the ground, and there’s a legend that, if any couple takes photo beneath this tree, they will be happily ever after. It is not the greatest and most prominent temple in Angkor, butwith the unique carved doors and the deserted look, Ta Prohm has been chosen as the main filming for the famous movie Tomb Riders.

Angkor Thom impressestourists with a lot of mysterious 4-smiley-faced Buddha statues. Many people believe that it is the face of King Jayavarman VII, while others say it is thebenevolent and friendly smile of the Supreme who understands every slice of life. And that’s the meaningful beauty of art.

Tonle Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and has been included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserve in 1997 byUNESCO.It is located on Cambodia,only about 15 minutes getting by car from the central of Siem Reap but the majority of people living here are Vietnamese, emigrated from the first half of the 20th century.People there earn their livings mainly by fishing.

Vietnam and Cambodia tours

A new choice for visitor when coming to Siem Reap is taking a short trip to Mount Kulen. It is situated about 48km from the center of Siem Reap to the Northeast. To get there, visitors should pass through the middle of pristine tropical forest, over undulating and rugged rocky areas to pilgrimage to the shrine of the Khmer.

Coming here visitors will be surprised by the clear springs which you can see its bottom, reflecting thousands of linga, yoni, thousands of statues… You can even see the Khmer’s epic carved on the riverbed - even after undergoing over thousand years, the water has not been able to erode these masterpieces, but ithas made them become more sparkling, more mysterious. All the Angkor temples were built of stone taken from this holy land... So if you want to catch a glimpse of heaven, just plan your Vietnam and Cambodia tours.

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