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Vietnam holidays

What to eat: The Scrumptious Tam Ky Chicken Rice

The sunny land Quang Nam in the middle of Vietnam is well-known with the delicious chicken, which can be made into various tasty dishes. One among them, also known as Quang Nam’s specialty for such a long time ago, is the chicken rice.

Tam Ky Chicken Rice

Most visitors coming to this lovely province enjoy the dish at Com Ga Ba Luan - one of the most famous chicken rice restaurants here, which has been operated for over 50 years. Although there are dozens of restaurants springing up in the city, people who pass by the national highway 1A still stop at this warm restaurant for a nice meal. You can ask anyone on the street for the specific address; the locals are very helpful. Alternatively, you can visit some other food stalls along the street to try some rustic cuisine.



Most of the chicken rice restaurants in Quang Nam provide diners with spacious rooms. The menu contains plenty of dishes mainly made from chicken. If you do not like rice, just opt for the set menu with various popular dishes such as fried chicken with fish sauce or stirred chicken with pepper and lemongrass, etc.

Tamky Chicken Rice

The recipe of Quang Nam’s chicken rice is a great secret bringing along a great success. According to the locals, rice is cooked with chicken broth, which makes the rice softer and more luscious. The main ingredient is Tam Ky chicken, a specialty of Quang Nam.


Tam Ky chicken rice dish is brought out very attractively. The set often comes with pickles such as pickled onion or cucumber with a harmony savory taste. Main dish is an eye-catching plate of rice and shredded chicken salad. And finally, you will enjoy a bowl of flavored soup. All are served hot, very tasty and pleasant. 


If you have the chance to visit Quang Nam, don’t forget to give this special and scrumptious chicken rice one try. You will miss the taste – also the essence of this beautiful land, and it will surely be one of the mementos of your Vietnam holidays.

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