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Discover Vietnam holiday destinations with Pleiku highland

Pleiku is one of Vietnam holiday destinations which has the tropical monsoon highland climate, high humid and rainfall, there is no storms or hoarfrost. The climate here is divided into two distinctive seasons: rainy and dry seasons. With this type of climate, each season has a separate point interesting for tourists. Especially, if you come to Pleiku in November, you will have the opportunity to see the bright yellow wild sunflowers flowers forest that you will be delight to take pictures those beautiful flowers.


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To Nung Great Lake

Known for a poetic and musical name: "mountain town's pearl eyes ", this is a volcano mouth which has stopped working, from about 6km to the North of Pleiku. Great Lake is the name that the Kinh people called, and its real name is To Nueng (To Nung), it is a giant volcanic crater in the north of Pleiku city, Gia Lai province.

The name of Great Lake is also probably due to human aspirations. Pleiku plateau is higher than the sea level about thousand meters. According to the principle of communicating vessels, no water droplets could exist on this cliff so that people crave for water and sea.

To Nung Lake is the pearl of Pleiku that anyone who come the Highlands could not be missed. Flat asphalt road running through rugged canyons, upright mossy cliffs with brilliant golden honeysuckles lead us to the lakeside. The lake is on the top of the mountains so the surrounding ridges could not obscure. When standing at the lakeside, you will feel like standing on the windswept coastline so To Nung is called Great Lake.



Ham Rong peak

11km to the south of Pleiku, located at an altitude of over 1,000 meters over sea level, is considered as the roof of the mountain town. From the top of Ham Rong, tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the bustling city of Pleiku, the vast untouched stretches sight of pepper, rubber, coffee plantations.

Ham Rong's height is 1.092m, each angle will give you a different vision. If you have a chance to stand on top of Ham Rong in the early morning, you will admire the rare beauty here. Clouds spread across your hair, fog lurks under the Valley created the charming scenery.

If you take a view from the below, the mountain is like a bowl, but when climbing to the top of the crater, a broad basin valley with fertiled corn, potatoes fields planted... The strange thing is that the crater has no water and no one could carry enough water to irrigate but the trees are still always green every year.


Vietnam holiday destinations Ham Rong peak


Chin tang waterfall

Chin tang waterfall (Nine floors waterfall) is located 20km from the city, in the commune of Ia Sao, Iagrai districts, rises from high on the mountain, falling through the rocks, surrounded by pristine and wilde forest ecosystems. This is a favorite weekend picnic place of young people.

Chin tang waterfall is not so high but stretched and curves along the rugged cliffs and divides into 9 separate floors. Each floor is 5 to 10 meters high, and the last 2 floors have the vertical heights of about 10-15m creating the strong currents, swirling water.

Surrounding the waterfall is pristine forests ecosystem, contributing to the wild beauty and grandeur of the falls. This is a funny weekend picnic ideal for couples, pupils, students and tourists to discover and explore the wild beauty, the great period of the falls as well as the Highland mountains.


Le Kim Waterfall

Le Kim waterfall is located in the commune of Ia To, Ia Grai district, Gia Lai. This is a beautiful scenic center and about 15 km from the district center, 35km from Pleiku city to the Po Ko. Waterfall is nearly 30m high flushing down the large lake. When you look up, the steam is like the fog which has fully covered.

Le Kim waterflow is not so wide but collides together, shatteres into tiny particles. The water droplets looked like colorful tears though the sunshine. At the foot of the waterfall, there is a pool that is split by the clustered pebbles.

Seen from afar, Le Kim waterfall is like a white scarf flying between the rough stones. When coming closer, it does not only impress people by the flow, large cave but also gives visitor experiences about the life in prehistoric times.


Vietnam holiday destinations Chin Tang waterfall


Yaly Waterfall

Visiting Pleiku, you must visit Pleiku hydroelectric. Yaly is a majestic waterfall with torrential flow and very suitable for hydropower operations. This place is always the first choice for people traveling to Pleiku, one of Vietnam holiday destinations.

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