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Where To Go: The Most Beautiful Hmong Village In Southeast Asia

Pu Dao had been well known to international tourists as an ideal trekking destination for a long time before it became a touristic spot.


Pu Dao is a highland commune in Sin Ho district, Lai Chau, about 13km far from Muong Lay town and 560km to the Northwest of Hanoi. Despite the population of less than a thousand and the rugged terrain, this place is still like a magnet attracting any adventurer by its pristine natural scenery. It has been named among the list of Top 5 Must-see Destinations in Southeast Asia in 2006 by Gecko Travel - a UK leading travel agency.

Lai Ha Bridge

In H’mong language, Pu Dao means “the highest point”, located in the top of towering mountains, crossing the winding and craggy passes. To reach Pu Dao, visitors must go through Lai Ha Bridge which crosses over a tributary of the Black River. From here you can get a panoramic view of the Thai stilt houses in the other side of the river, nestled under coconut trees, crept through the foliage and scattered into the hazy dim.



From Lai Ha Birdge to Pu Dao, there is about 24km of spiral trails together with choking bends, crossing through the bamboo forests and dense underbrush. After getting 5km far from the bridge, you will see the mansion of the Thai King – Deo Van Long. Take a short stop at this historic ruin of a splendor ancient palace, and visit the house of the noble Deo family in Lai Chau, you will understand more about the unique architectural features, the identity of Thai culture.

Mong Village

Reaching “the highest point” in Lai Chau also means that you have reached the most ideal place to admire Black River. You can get a wonderful bird-eye view of the spectacular valleys, and the intersection between the Black River &the Nam Na River with the endlessly green alluvial. After a long journey, the scenic Pu Dao gloriously shines in the daylights with the villages situated on the cliff top, between the winding roads, one side is the steep cliff, and one side is the deep chasm.

Lai Chau Village

Pu Dao commune includes 4 H’mong villages: Hong Ngai, Nam Doong, Nam Dac and Hong Ty. In addition to the airport built by the French, Pu Dao has developed its facilities to become quite a modern town and provide easier access for tourists taking Vietnam adventure tours.

A little different to Hong Ngai, you can only reach Nam Doong by motorbike. Located in the highest and most beautiful spot of Pu Dao, Nam Doong is the ideal trekking destination with the gorgeously romantic surroundings: the winding road to the village is covered in blue cloud and an immense of wildflowers & verdant upland.
Nam Duong welcomes tourists with the bright smiles and innocent eyes of children, along with the H’mong unique tutu – a feature of the tribe.  In the hazy dim and white ocean of clouds, the distance between heaven and earth is a lot closer, which will certainly cast a spell on your heart.

Lai Chau Trek

It takes a few more km walking to Nam Dac and Hong Ty from Nam Doong. Either ways you go, you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature and the adventurous feeling of getting up and down on the winding roads. Only by spending at least one night in the most beautiful Hmong village in Southeast Asia, enjoying such precious moments living the life of the locals, and trying some of mountainous specialties, can you deeply know why this spot is so appealing. Pack your things and go wild with Vietnam tours!

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