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Halong Bay tours' destination: Bai Tho Mountain

Taking Halong Bay tours, people often think about Halong Bay – one of the world's natural wonders stretches of white sand or favorite seafood restaurants, but just a few people know about Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain).

This is one of the beautiful and attractive scenes, the destination for those who prefer a little bit adventure and exploring the city by the Bay from a very different vision, to admire the fullest immense majestic beauty of the northern sky and sea.

Bai Tho Mountain is a beautiful limestone mountain located in the city center so tourists of Halong Bay tours can add the trip of discovering the mountain to their schedule. Geological Tectonic of the mountain is special: the half of foothill is associated with the land, the other half is immersed in sea water.

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In many places, people can see the mountain in the different shapes such as a lying tigers, a lion which is playing with its prey or the dragon is going to fly.



Bai Tho Mountain used to be called Truyen Dang mountain (Light Projecting mountain). According to the legend, the guards had to set up the fire to alarm the capital if they see any aggressors.

In 1468, in the spring, the 9th year of Quang Thuan, Le Thanh Tong, the grandson of Le Loi, patroled at the North East Sea, his boat stopped at the foot of Truyen Dang mountain, adjacent to Halong Bay, to drink alcohol and recite. Touched by the charming of the beauty nature, the poet - King Le Thanh Tong etched a poem on a flat rock, about 2.5 m above the ground, including 56 Chinese characters.

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261 years later, in 1729 Lord Trinh Cuong Vuong Ando, a famous poet Le – Trinh period, also leaded troops to patrol over there. He stationed at the foot of mountain Truyen Dang. Read poetry of King Le Thanh Tong, Lord Trinh rewrite a poem on a cliff leaning down to the earth, so it is avoided the destruction of the rain and remains clear and very easy to read.

By the early 20th century, many travelers went to Halong, read these poems they carved 7 more, with all Chinese and Vietnamese characters on the nearby cliffs. There are nine poems now extant cliff.

Currently, there are a lot of tours for people to travel Halong city, especially for the young men are living and studying in the major city desired to learn more about Vietnamese history and culture like Hanoi Halong bay tour or Ho Chi Minh Halong bay tour… People can climb Bai Tho mountain with 2 ways, one is from Long Tien Street, beside Long Tien Pagoda, another is from Hang Noi street, a very small alley so you must pay attention or ask local people. If you have any cars or motorbikes, you can park your vehicles in Halong market or at the Cay Thap street before enjoy the trip to Bai Tho Mountain, the destination of Halong Bay tours.

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