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Where To Go: The Biggest Museum of Ancient Arms in Vietnam

With its 500 mannequins dressed in military uniforms from around the world and thousands of rare weapons, it is considered a worth- seeing museum in Vietnam.

If the lighthouse, night markets, and Sau Wharf are familiar sights in Vung Tau city, the Museum of Ancient Arms is quite a strange name to many visitors, including locals. The only reason is people cannot believe that there is a place owning such precious treasure.

Museum of Ancient Arms

Follow the winding ramp that leads to the famous lighthouse of Vung Tau city, visitors will be overwhelmed by a building that looks like a new castle. It is home to the Museum of Ancient Arms (or Worldwide Arms Museum) opened in 2012 and reached a record of the biggest private ancient weapon museum in Vietnam.

Situated on a high hill and only about 50m from the sea, the museum is truly a great place to have a paranomic view over the city. The first thing that impressed tourists is a large courtyard surrounded by high walls, just similar to classic Western fortified fortress and watchtower. Beside the cannon mounted on the walls, there is a dozen of barreled guns turret towards the sea. That space will make you feel like you are visiting an ancient structure in Europe.

Museum of Ancient Arms

Stepping inside, though you love exploring museums or just simply that you are curious about ancient weapons, you will not be able to take your eyes off the artifacts on display here. With an area of ​​300m2, one can firsthand see the uniforms and weapons of armies around the world such as Japan, China, Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Russia... over the past centuries.

For a better visualization of the military history of many countries around the world, the museum is divided into separate themed rooms in the order of time. Room 1 is the area for the period of ancient times to the Middle Ages with the Viking warrior, Spartan, Chinese soldiers through the ages, Japanese samurai and shogun, the Roman army, Hoplite army, Crusade army, gladiators etc. In particular, there are a number of guns and swords of Muong people (Vietnam) in the 19th century.

Museum of Ancient Arms

Room 2 is the area for the British Army in modern times with the postman, the soldiers, cavalry, and navy. Located at the same floor, room 3 exhibits guns of the British, France, Germany, and Holland army etc. from the 17th to the 19th century such typically as insect guns, pistols, rifles, muskets...
Room 4 is where visitors can admire the military equipment of European in modern times. Tourists can even enjoy a number of modern Russia and Britain weapons at this museum.

Museum of Ancient Arms

Just take a short journey visiting this museum and you will be taken out from surprise to surprise. That's when you come to explore the culture of each country through weapons with exquisitely carved motifs on artifacts. Not only impresses tourists with the richness and variety of weapons, the museum also offers interesting lessons through historical stories with bilingual English - Vietnamese footnote.

A visit to this unique museum will be a memento of your Vietnam holidays, so why don’t you give it a try?

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