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Vietnam Holidays

Vietnam holidays

Best time to visit Vietnam: Summer Getaway in Phu Quoc Island

Best time to visit Vietnam, literally saying, is in the early summer (from March to June), and also in the autumn (from September to December), which will be probably the most favorable seasons if you intend to cover the whole country. So, in this summer, why don’t you take a beach relax in one of the most beautiful islands in Asia - Phu Quoc Island?

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If you have ever wondered what the best time to visit Vietnam is, then early summer may be a pretty good answer. Either the weather is likely to be sunny and clear during this early time or the rain is not too heavy. Although there may be short downpours in the south and north, you can still enjoy cloudless sunny skies. So what is the ideal destination to take a look at? It cannot be denied that summer is beach time, and the best beach relax in Vietnam is right here in Phu Quoc Island.

best time to visit vietnam

Not only being enhanced with new direct flights and new routes, Phu Quoc is now even more attractive when the whole island was integrated with national grid, and visa is no longer an issue with the foreign tourists.

The convenient direct flights

In early December 2012, Phu Quoc international airport was officially launching the first direct flight. Previously, due to short-haul routes and not being upgraded, this airport only served short flights and small aircrafts from Ho Chi Minh City. Now many domestic airlines have exploited domestic flights from Hanoi to Phu Quoc , Can Tho , Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa.

Visa free for foreign visitors

From March 2014, foreign visitors to Phu Quoc can enjoy visa exemption with a length of stay not exceeding 30 days. Even in case they enter via Vietnam international border gates (including air and sea), then transit to Phu Quoc island, they are also exempt from visa requirements in accordance with regulations. This is a new policy by the Prime Minister of Vietnam to facilitate Phu Quoc attractions to international travelers.

New enhancement in transportation systems

Phu Quoc's interior is still mostly covered in dense tropical forest and its coastline is ringed with deserted sandy beaches. Since early 2012, Phu Quoc transformed itself with a new campaign to construct the main roads on the island. After many efforts to repair and renew, so far, it has basically completed many roads, making the transportation between sightseeing spots more convenient.

With these advantages, Phu Quoc Island is surely a highlighted spot in the map of Vietnam. By preparing a Lonely Planet book and packing of littlest things, there’s no doubt that you could enjoy Phu Quoc this summer - the best time to visit Vietnam.

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