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Vietnam holidays

What To Eat: 5 Scrumptious Specialties of the sunny land Tay Ninh

If you are going on a Vietnam holiday, especially if you are currently in Southern Vietnam, you must have heard the name “Tay Ninh”, not only for its various highlighted spots, but also for its scrumptious specialties.

Are you already at Tay Ninh for a climb at Mount Ba Den? So you should not miss to try this sunny land’s superior delicacies, and also, don’t forget to take home some for gift. Tay Ninh does not provide tourists with a wide range of specialties, but all dishes are outstanding. 


Shrimp Salt

This is the most popular, and also, the most addictive spices in Tay Ninh. The local people use it in many ways. It is often served with fruits such as mango, tamarind, guava, etc., and once you try it, you will never forget the taste. The salt can be kept for a long time, often put in plastic bag, so it is easy to ship to many other places.

shrimp salt

The ingredients of this unique spice include not only shrimp and salt. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete the complicated steps to have the finished product; it depends much on the proportion of plenty of other ingredients such as pork, garlic, pepper, radish, etc., all mixed and roasted, then dried until the mixture has a special and tasty flavor. That’s why shrimp salt is a little pricey. If you are interested in this spice, you can ask the local for some prestigious address to buy the worth original shrimp salt.



Rice Paper

So famous and popular, Tay Ninh rice paper has been a strong brand for ages without controversy. The rice paper can be made into various dishes; all are very attractive to tourists.

rice paper

Mixed rice paper is a favorite street food of many Vietnamese people, something you surely cannot resist. This dish has many variations; each region has its own version, but mostly are based on the main ingredients, create a colorful cuisine.

Rice paper mixed with tamarind sauce, fried onions, peanuts, salt and pepper are also very convenient and appealing. All in one bag, with the prepared ingredients mixed with spices creates a harmonic sour and sweet taste, really luscious.

It would surely be a pleasure beyond compare enjoying a rice paper mixed and gossiping with friends for hours.


Trang Bang Rice Noodle Soup

Visiting Tay Ninh, people often look for the rice noodle soup, especially that in Trang Bang, because of it simple but delicious taste.

Trang Bang Rice Noodle Soup

The noodle is made from rice, chewy, tasty and really smooth. The soup has a natural sweet flavor from pork broth and resonating with some special spices. Additionally, other ingredients such as herbs, pepper, lemon etc. add more colors to the dish. All mixed together creates a very delicious specialty.


Xu Snail

This species, one kind of freshwater snail habituated in Ba Mountain, looks nearly the same as channeled applesnail. According to the local people, this snail can be not only made into various scrumptious dishes, but also used as a good treatment to cure aches.

Xu Snail Tay Ninh

The simplest and also most popular dish is either boiled Xu snail with lemongrass or steamed Xu snail with ginger. These dishes have a really good flavor that you will not be able to resist. It is often served with a special sauce that only has in Tay Ninh. Other than that, you can try some dishes like Xu snail salad, fried Xu snail with tamarind sauce or sate sauce etc.  

Xu snail’s dishes are a little pricey but they are really worth a try.


Grapefruit Spring Roll

This spring roll, which can be used for vegetarians, is also one of the most famous specialties of Tay Ninh. It is a tasty and easy take-away dish. The grapefruit spring roll has a combination of various tastes: either sour, salty or sweet, with a special flavor you have certainly never known before.

grapefruit spring roll Tay Ninh

The locals are very ingenious to remove the bitter taste of grapefruit peel and turn it into something really popular. Look at the fresh and colorful rolls, which are a lot similar to the normal meat spring rolls, you will be surprised of its ingredients.

The roll is usually made ​​of grapefruit peel and grated & dried green papaya, combined with other additives such as star fruit, peppers, cerme, banana leaves, etc. Coming to Tay Ninh, enjoy and buy a few dozen grapefruit spring rolls for gift is also a good idea.

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