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Where To Go: 3 must-see lakes in Vietnam's Central Highlands

If you are taking a Vietnam tour, especially heading to the Central Highlands, there is no reason to miss the three gorgeous lakes: the legendary T’nung Lake, the poetic Xuan Huong Lake, and the peaceful Lak Lake.


T’nung Lake, Pleiku

Also known as Great Lake, T’nung Lake is about 7km to the North of the city’s center, along Highway 14. At the elevation of 1000m above the sea, with the total surface area of about 250 hectares and the average depth of up to 40m, Great Lake is considered as one of the largest fresh water lakes in Central Highlands. According to documents, the forerunner of Great Lake is the remains of a volcano which had been inactive for hundreds of millions years ago.

To Nung Lake

Looking from above, Great Lake is like a brilliant crystal in the sunshine of the Central Highlands plateau. The road down to the lake is winding between green pine trees and the yellow wild sunflowers carpet, which add more charm to this place. Here, visitors can take a boat trip to enjoy the poetic beauty of the lake.



Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat

Located in the heart of Dalat, Xuan Huong Lake was named after a talented Vietnamese female poet, also widely known as “the princess of Nom poetry". Seen from afar, Xuan Huong Lake has a crescent shape. The lake is calm and transparent like a mirror. Around the lakeside are green lawns, big pine trees, glorious cherry blossom and weeping willow blowing in the wind… all create a scenic picture, an ideal place to set up a date with your loved ones.

Xuan Huong Lake

Often referred as a gentle ruby in the mist of predawn, Xuan Huong is like a pretty ink wash painting. Tourists coming there can enjoy a motor boat trip or canoe to fully admire the beauty of the lake. At sunset or nightfall, you can take a short walk or enjoy a chariot ride around the lake to discover the nightlife in Dalat. Not associated with any legends like the other spots but with its poetic beauty, Xuan Huong Lake is still among the must-see attractions when coming to Dalat.


Lak Lake, Buon Ma Thuot

Situated in the Lak district, about 50km from Buon Ma Thuot city, Lak Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Vietnam. Along with Yok Don National Park, Lak Lake is also a must-see place in Dak Lak.

Lak Lake

Coming here, visitors can ride the giant elephant wading through Lak Lake or simply take a canoe trip. A peaceful nature unfolding before your eyes will help you relax and leave out all the busy life behind. Also, you should not miss Bao Dai Palace, the ancient resort of Bao Dai - the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty.

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