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Threeland Travel offers a widest range of accommodation in Vietnam, from standard hotels to luxury isolated resorts. Rooms are mostly ensuite and hotel rates are inclusive of breakfast, despite how low categories they are. The budget B&B and hostels with shared bathrooms are as rare as apartments with kitchenettes for your own cooking. If you see it as a chance to taste street food, you will definitely satisfy with abundant categories of hotels you can find in Vietnam. Most of them are inclusive of good air-conditioners, TV, hot shower, free tea or coffee and comfortable furnitures, except in the remote mountain areas. If you want a more adventurous and fascinating option, pick homestay at the Northwest and the Mekong Delta, which also bring you closer to the local exciting life.

Within the limit of this website we devide our favorite hotels into Superior, 1st Class and Deluxe Hotels. The Luxury Resorts are arranged as a part of Deluxe hotels. In general, we do not encourage the usage of other categories lower than Superior. For more details, contact our tour consultants at for instant advice.

Deluxe Hotels

metropole Hanoi

Beside the facilities available at First Class hotels, Deluxe hotels are featured by deluxe rooms, high qualitied amenities, professional services, excellent English-speaking staff, bars, pubs, multi-choice restaurants, private dining rooms, different choices of wine and drinks, broad-band wifi and internet access, swimming pool, professional spa, stunning architecture that harmoniously suitable to the environment. Most of deluxe hotels used by Threeland have private access to each floor or room category, wide-ranged hotels have private transfer inside the gardens and shuttle bus to the airport or the town’s landmarks.


First Class Hotels

Vien Dong Hotel

First Class and Boutique Hotels, in the concept of Threeland, must be recognised as 4-star hotels by the government of Vietnam, having central location, wide rooms, swimming pool or good spa, wifi, nearby at least a shopping mall, and have safety box in room. At the coastal cities, First Class hotels must be at the beachfront or have private beaches and offer good seafood. Boutique hotels (equally to 3 or 4-star) can be found in most of sea and hill resorts in Vietnam with eco-friendly decoration and facilities, but they are rarely found in big towns due to limited area. 


Superior Hotels

Golf Hotel

Threeland uses the word “Superior” to indicate 3-star hotels, which, despite the number of rooms, located in the centre of the town, nearby a lake, a river, a park or any place that bring pleasant feelings to visitors and have good access to walking areas. All Superior hotels recommended by Threeland must have English-speaking staff, cozy lobby, safety box, good air-conditioners, hot shower, TV, free tea or coffee in room, clean and comfortable facilities and access to internet. Exceptions are at the remote mountain areas where guesthouses are all you can look for. Threeland Tour Constultants at will be advising you in advance on these cases. 


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