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Unlike the huge safaris in Africa, wild life and nature of Vietnam will be discovered in the hidden corners of dozens of national parks in Vietnam, including bird watching tours with thousands of species in wetland area or great chance to see unique insects, huge colorful butterflies and animals in the red list of IUCN.

Threeland offers spectacular bird watching tours in Xuan Thuy national park - The Ramsar site and a wildlife adventure in Cuc Phuong, unique by its system of limestone mountain.

Xuan Thuy Bird Watching

Route Route: Hanoi – Xuan Thuy National Park - Hanoi

Duration Duration: 03 days - 02 nights

feature Features: Being the first Ramsar site in Vietnam, Xuan Thuy National Park is situated in Nam Dinh province, covering an area of 7,100ha. The major habitats here are estuaries, mangroves, mudflats, sandy flats and shrimp ponds.  

Cuc Phuong National Park Adventure

Route Route:  Hanoi - CucPhuong National Park - VanLong Nature Reserve - Hanoi

Duration Duration: 05 days - 04 nights

feature Features: Many reserves stretch in the Northeast Vietnam, where the roads are fine but not pleasant enough to open for mass tourism. However, thanks to this obstacle the routine and traditions of the hill tribes are still well maintained, and marvelous sights are remained beckoning more discovery.

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