In 2016, the 7th movie of King Kong series had been eventually filmed in Halong Bay, the place designated twice by the UNESCO as a ‘’World Heritage’’, a long road since the first foreign film, “Indochine” made in the region and gained an Oscar in 1992. It is said that even during the fierce battles of King Kong, Halong has been gloriously shown as a pearl of the Tonkin Gulf. Nowhere else on earth, even vulcano islands are comparable with the expanse and distinctiveness of this bay, where you are surely get shocked from the first sightseeing uncountable scattered rocky islets, wind and wave-eroded grottoes. A little reminiscence of the fjords in Norway or the sea in Phu Ket, Halong with its rocks and islets stretch over 1,500 sq. km will enable all kinds of sea activities. You can choose to relax leisurely for sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, visiting pearl or shell-fish farms or to visit fishmen’s villages. If you love more adrenalin sports, go climbing and bouldering at tough mountains in Cat Ba islands nearby. During the last few years, in order to respond to speedy development of travel services, Halong has also become an epicenter of strong activities for ecologists, eco-activists. Responsible and Educational tour designers like Threelanders are trying hard to protect the area and maintain a sustainable development for the region, vs its too fast growth.


Culinary exploration should never absent on any trip to other places. The same is just true for Halong tour, too; actually, you may end up regretting if you do not try out all the tastes and scents during your Halong Bay trip. The bay area and immediate surroundings are blessed with excellent geographic advantages, which create an abundant and diverse source of all kinds of seafood specialties. No matter what you are searching for during your cuisine journey, you are likely to find it right in Halong. Following are three representative food of Halong we’d like to introduce to you.


Ha Long Bay, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1994, is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Vietnam. The bay is a part of Quang Ninh province and lies off the northeast coast of Vietnam. It is home to thousands of small and larger islands scattered in the sea over an area of 1553 km2, which give the landscape a fairytale appearance.


2 or 3 days deluxe cruise around Halong Bay for sunbath, swimming, sightseeing and other water activities.

Natural Sites

Kong’s view: Seaplane from Hanoi to Halong in the morning, enjoying the panorama of the bay before landing for a cruising in hours.


2 or 3 days luxury cruising in Halong bay with water activities, seafoods and cave visiting.


MICE activities, team building on beachand games at theme park in Halong city.

Soft Adventure

Kayaking, hiking, rural cycling, detour to high viewpoint with great panorama in close-by Cat Ba islands.



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